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The installation of an air conditioning system is an investment in home comfort, health and well-being.  You probably chose your A/C model carefully, based on efficiency rating, capacity and anticipated longevity.  Your cooling equipment can’t begin to live up to those expectations without professional maintenance prior to the summer workload.  As contaminants build up within the system, the ability to absorb heat, airflow and drainage of condensate is restricted.  The system is then forced to work much harder, running longer, to reach ideal temperatures.  This causes excess energy consumption, added stress on components, and results in higher operational costs, shortened lifespan and more frequent repairs.  A maintenance plan from Youngren's Heating & Cooling ensures your air conditioner will run at peak condition and be ready to handle heat and humidity of the long Aurora summers.

Pre-season maintenance protects your equipment as well as your Indoor Air Quality.

During the off-season, your air conditioning sits idle.  Dust, insects, pollen, plant matter, mold, and vermin can penetrate and be concealed within the inner workings of a split system.  These unseen contaminants lead to particulates, bacteria, germs, viruses and spores getting dispersed and circulated throughout your home when the air conditioning system is called upon.   Breathing polluted indoor air has been linked to coughing, sneezing, congestion, respiratory tract infections, headaches, fatigue, and even asthma attacks.

Your air conditioner produces lots of water.  Humidity removal is a major part of the cooling process.  The moist warm conditions of the condensate collector pan beneath the evaporator coils are the perfect environment for algae.   This can lead to a blockage in the drain line and water leaks.  Property damage from unseen condensate leakage can be comprehensive and costly, if not immediately noticed by homeowners, or detected through preventative service.

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Mold thrives in the condensate drain system.  Feeding off tiny airborne organic particulates drawn in through the return ducts, mold colonies produce millions of spores that are then dispersed into airflow in the supply ducts, infecting the air you breathe.  If left to flourish, this mold growth eventually reaches the evaporator coil, obstructing narrow air passages and restricting system airflow.  When the coil becomes sufficiently blocked, airflow may slow to the point that condensate actually freezes.

Air conditioning mold can spread throughout the rooms of your house every time you activate your cooling system.  Some types of mold produce toxic compounds known as mycotoxins.  Exposure can lead to health issues such as severe respiratory symptoms, pneumonia and even bleeding in the lungs.  Professional cleaning is necessary to remove mold and mildew from your system.  Youngren's Heating & Cooling has the sophisticated equipment necessary to access all parts of your cooling system and ductwork.

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Preventative measures are the best defense.  Through comprehensive cleaning, tightening, lubricating and measurement of airflow, the dedicated specialists from Youngren's Heating & Cooling will maintain a clean, smooth-running cooling system.  By troubleshooting and replacing any faulty components, we can prevent the majority of repairs and extend system lifespan.  Equipment that operates in good working order, consumes significantly less energy and supplies more consistent comfort.

As a Comfort24-7 Provider, Youngren's Heating & Cooling stands behind every service we provide.  If a Bryant Factory Authorized Part should fail within two years of installation, the part will be replaced at no charge.  If you are not completely happy with the service performed by the Youngren's Heating & Cooling technicians, we will repair the problem at no cost or remove any installed components and refund the service charge.  When you call Youngren's Heating & Cooling for annual service, rest assured you’re getting highly trained technicians, dedicated to quality workmanship.

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