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Call Youngren's Heating & Cooling to optimize the performance of your heating equipment.  Enjoy consistent, comfortable temperatures and a cleaner home.   Control system noise and energy costs.  Cut utility bills, eliminate malfunctions and lengthen system lifespan.  A convenient maintenance plan from Youngren's Heating & Cooling protects your budget, comfort, and indoor air quality.  Our factory-trained technicians will keep up with seasonal tune-ups and inspections, making sure your heating system can handle the long, tough winter.

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While you expect your heating system to keep your home warm and toasty, energy efficiency and costs savings are equally important.  Through regular cleanings, Youngren's Heating & Cooling will optimize performance and minimize operational costs.  Dirt infiltrates your heating equipment during warmer seasons, degrading performance.  Pollen, dust, dander, spiders, plant matter, mold, and vermin can be hidden within the inner workings of your heating and venting system.  Professional attention and sophisticated tools are necessary to access and remove pollutants before you activate your furnace.  If ignored, not only will obstructed airflow result in increased energy use, less heating capacity and possible breakdown, bacteria can be circulated in your home and inhaled.  When you trust the care of your furnace to Youngren's Heating & Cooling, our specialists will not only maximize performance but also ensure healthy Indoor Air Quality.

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Your forced air furnace has two different air streams, kept separate by the heat exchanger.  A faulty heat exchanger may allow combustion byproducts, such as Carbon Monoxide, to enter the supply air that is introduced into your home.  A clogged filter or malfunctioning blower can result in constant cycling, causing components to heat up and cool down frequently, which can crack the heat exchanger.  Moisture from garages, basements and crawlspaces can corrode and damage a heat exchanger.  While your furnace may continue to operate, inspection by the heating specialists from Youngren's Heating & Cooling will confirm the integrity of your heat exchanger and safe operation of your system.

During a regular tune-up from Youngren's Heating & Cooling, our technicians will identify problem areas and replace components that evidence significant wear.  A comprehensive cleaning of the system will remove dirt build up to that friction is reduced and proper airflow promoted, enhancing efficiency.  The condition of related components, such as ductwork, humidifiers or air cleaners, will be inspected.  We will tighten all connections, check system controls, lubricate moving parts and evaluate overall performance.

Youngren's Heating & Cooling is a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, a recognition earned through continued factory training, extensive product knowledge, and ethical business practices.  Our team of technicians is committed to safe, efficient heating, and comfortable, healthy air quality.  Through meticulous and qualified service, the Youngren's Heating & Cooling heating specialists will make sure your furnace runs at peak performance year after year.  Call us at (630) 701-7794 for a rewarding, cost-effective and convenient maintenance plan.

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